Bhereu the Infamous

Disgraced Purple Dragon


14th-level Fighter
LE, Torm and Tyr
Human male

Magic Items
  • Adjatha, “the Drinker” (+2 longsword)
  • shield +4

Duke Bhereu, Marshal of Cormyr and Duke of the West Marches, was once the highest-ranking Purple Dragon in Cormyr, but a festering resentment towards and rivalry with the head abbot at Fontmere Abbey poisoned his mind and led to his involvement in a conspiracy with King Azoun’s brother Edrin.

After Edrin’s fall in 1333 CR, Bhereu fled the lands for destinations unknown; he is believed to be in the Stonelands or possibly Goblin Marches, or perhaps even further abroad.

Bhereu the Infamous

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