Infamous hobgoblin warrior-sage


13th-level Fighter/Savant
LN, None
Hobgoblin male

Magic Items
  • staff of mighty enchantments
  • nose ring of etherealness

I looked up to see a tall, thick-limbed fellow with a heavy brow, a flat, rust-red face, and a gold ring in his nose staring down at me. He wore red wool robes accessorized with simple gold jewelry and a fine fox-trimmed cloak encrusted with mud along its hem, as were his heavy, common boots. His staff was five feet long, finely carved, and decorated with fur and colorful feathers.

Although few ever see him, Elmonster dwells in the vicinity of Shadowdale. It is rumored that he often lairs in a ruined tower not too far outside of town. He employs a runty goblin named Lhaeo as his personal assistant, and is learned in many things, but is particularly noted for his knowledge of monstrous lore and of the inner and outer planes of existence, and how to move between them.

For a hobgoblin, Elmonster is remarkably approachable, being able to move between different factions with seeming ease. Still, it’s usually a good idea to bring along some food to offer in addition to monetary payment…just in case he’s in a bad mood that day.


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