Lashan of Scardale

Would-be Empire Builder


10th-level Fighter
LE, Loviatar
Human male

Magic Items
  • Aumry’s staff of the night

Former lord of Scardale, Lashan, over the summer of 1356, conquered a number of neighboring Dales in an attempt to unite them by force. Unite them he did, if only for a brief time, as they came together in a coalition to unseat and destroy him. The allied army, consisting of forces from the other Dales, Sembia, Cormyr, and even Zhentil Keep, only managed the former, as Lashan was able to flee the field as his mercenary army was ground to a pulp.

He now bides his time; rumors say he is quietly gathering followers for another try at an Empire of the Dales, or perhaps striking at Voonlar or Yulash. Others fear that he has turned his attentions to Myth Drannor, seeking to plunder the ruins for their magical secrets, the better to facilitate his return to power.

Lashan of Scardale

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