Illusionist and alchemist


12th-level Illusionist
TN, Mystra
Human male

Magic Items
  • Robe of eyes
  • Ring of regeneration
  • Wand of wonder
  • Numerous potions and scrolls

Praetorius is an illusion-weaver and potion-brewer of no small talent. From his tower outside Tyrluk, all manner of strange fumes and smoke can be seen emanating at all hours of the day and night. He is also well-known for being versed in the arcane secrets of giving life to inanimate matter, and is frequently patronized by Gnomes seeking a new child for their families.

Although punctilious and exacting in his business dealings, and somewhat emotionally cold and distant to all who come into contact with him, Praetorius is not without a soft side, and often takes on apprentices from poor or otherwise disadvantaged families.


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