Queen Tanalesta

Queen of Cormyr


0-level noble
LG, Lathander
Human female, born 1334 DR


Tanalesta, unlike her impulsive sister, always embraced her role as a noblewoman of Cormyr. She is noted for her devotion to her country, as well as her piety.

In the year 1333 CR, she was involved in an assassination and kidnapping plot hatched by her uncle Lord Edrin, in concert with the traitorous Duke Bhereu. With her older sister dead by misadventure, and King Azoun IV killed in a hunting “accident,” she was the sole remaining heir to the throne—and so Edrin had her kidnapped during her pilgrimage to the Shrine of Nevron. She was rescued by Sir William of Tyr and Phloyd Phumpkins, and the occasion of her return to power and the banishment of Edrin and Bhereu was declared a new holiday, Liberation Day, to be celebrated every 20th day of the month of Ches.

Queen Tanalesta

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