"The Four"

Infamous band of cutthroat assassins, normally based out of Waterdeep, now at large in Faerun


A highly mercenary adventuring band consisting of four human males, as follows:

  • Aggarwal the Black, 8th-level NE thief
  • Fieldhouse, 7th-level CN fighter
  • Ross of Many Colors, 9th-level NE mage
  • Ferguson, 6th-level TN bard (recently brought back from the dead via a botched resurrection spell)

Late last year, this quartet was expelled from Waterdeep by Khelben “"Blackstaff"” Arunsun, ordered not to re-enter the city upon pain of death for their work in assassinating one noble of Waterdeep after another (despite the fact such assassinations were always at the behest of this or that rival noble). Active throughout the North and in Tethyr, the Four is not welcome in Cormyr or, as all such groups, in Amn, and maintains a low profile when passing through those lands. The Four carefully plan their activities so as to slay any possible enemies or those who know too much about them (such as former employers), and are experts in the unseen or “accidental” death.

"The Four"

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