Bag of Devouring

Is it a bag or an extra-dimensional orifice? It's both!


This bag appears to be an ordinary sack—possibly appearing to be empty, possibly holding beans. The sack is, however, the lure used by an extradimensional creature—this is one of its feeding orifices.

Any substance of animal or vegetable nature is subject to "swallowing’’ if it is thrust within the bag. The bag of devouring is 90% likely to ignore any initial intrusions, but any time it senses living human flesh within, it is 60% likely to close and attempt to draw the whole victim in—base 75% chance for success, less Strength bonus for "damage,’’ and each +1 = -5% on base chance. Thus, an 18 Strength character (with +2 damage) is only 65% likely to be drawn into the bag, while a 5 Strength character (with -1 damage) is 80% likely to be drawn in.

The bag radiates magic. It can hold up to 30 cubic feet of matter. It will act as a bag of holding (normal capacity), but each turn it has a 5% cumulative chance of "swallowing’’ the contents and then “spitting the stuff out” in some non-space. Creatures drawn within are consumed in one round, eaten, and gone forever.


Found in the Hutaakan treasure hoard in the Temple of Pflarr.

Bag of Devouring

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