Headsman's Blade

An enchanted two-handed sword

weapon (melee)
Known Powers

A huge unwieldy two handed sword, engraved with at least one pithy maxim about the inevitability of death, and encrusted with decorative silverwork depicting skulls, scales, and law scrolls, this sword actively seeks to behead enemies.

  • On an attack roll of ‘20’ the huge sword will cleave the head of any enemy with HD of up to double the wielder’s. This is usually fatal.
  • The Headsman’s Blade is difficult to use even for a trained warrior of great strength and its wielder will strike at a -1 to hit.

Wrested from the goblin chieftan Vlak in battle during the waning days of the Year of the Prince by Sir William of Cormyr.

Headsman's Blade

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