Hutaakan Scarab of Protection


The possessor gains a +1 bonus to all saving throws vs. spell. If no save is normally possible, he gets a one in 20 chance of saving, adjusted by any other magical protections that normally give bonuses to saving throws. Thus, this device allows a saving throw vs. spell at base 20 against magic missile attacks, for example. If the target also has a +4 bonus for magical armor and a +1 bonus for a ring of protection, any roll of 15 or better would indicate that the missiles did no damage.

The scarab can also absorb up to 12 level-draining attacks (two level drains count as two absorbings), death touches_, death rays_, or fingers of death. However, upon absorbing 12 such attacks the scarab turns to powder—totally destroyed.


Found in the Hutaakan treasure hoard in the Temple of Pflarr. Mounted upon Sir William’s helm.

Hutaakan Scarab of Protection

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