AT A GLANCE: Arabel is a mid-sized city of almost a thousand main buildings in eastern Cormyr, situated on the Sword River where The East Way meets Calantar’s Way. Arabel is a fortified city, though has many posts for trading houses outside its walls.

ELMONSTER’S NOTES: Arabel is first and foremost a merchant city, famed for its jewelry (principally that of the merchant House of Thond). A number of trading companies have major outposts here, and there is always a floating pool of mercenary talent to be hired at any time. The city is also the main shipping area for coal in Cormyr, gathering the coal from mines in the Gnoll Pass area.

Arabel was for a brief time in recent memory the center of a swordsman’s empire. The swordsman was Gondegal, the “Lost King,” who in the Year of the Dragon (1352 DR) attempted to carve a kingdom for himself, centered on Arabel and extending north to the Desertedge Mountains, south and west to Wyvernwater and the farms outlying from Eveningstar, and east to Tilver’s Gap and the mountain passes.

GAME INFORMATION: Arabel is currently ruled by Myrmeen Lhal, a ranger of good/neutral alignment and 12th level. Myrmeen’¬ís lordship tends to turn on the fact that she permits the traders and merchants to engage in whatever tactics they see fit, as long as no one is hurt and the crown is not endangered.

Unlike every other major city in Cormyr, visitors to Arabel are not required to peace-bind their weapons.


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