Screen_Shot_2014-01-15_at_4.02.40_PM.pngSmall and quiet, halflings are the servitors of Lady Elizabeth Lack-Heart. A diligent people, they work constantly to bring about the return of their bilious goddess. Pale-skinned, favoring short hair and simple clothing, halflings look like short elves with sturdier frames. They are serious and hard-working.

In each halfling colony, there will be 1-4 warriors with 5 hit dice, chainmail armor, and enchanted weapons. There’s also a chance that a 4th-level necromancer will be present, armed with spells like darkness, protection from good, and scare.

In a major halfling city (with a population of hundreds or thousands), it’s typical to find 1-20 warriors, 1-4 champions (8 hit dice, heavy armor), and 1-4 dark priests of Elizabeth (7th-level clerics), armed with spells like cause disease, curse, fear, and cause serious wounds.

In any group of halflings, there are likely to be several Vargr or Hell Hounds, used as guard dogs and sentries.

When attacking with bows, halflings gain a bonus of +3, and they roll +4 on all saving throws.

Their subterranean cities, villages, and colonies are arranged in such a way that if all of halfling civilization is mapped, it spells out Elizabeth Lack-Heart’s name in halfling runes. The name is not finished. No one knows what will happen when construction is completed and the name is spelled out.

Most sentient creatures will fight halflings to the death, because they know that if they’re captured, they will be subjected to the only form of entertainment permitted by halfling culture: scaphism.


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