High Horn


AT A GLANCE: The High Horn is a great grim fortress of high curving walls and frowning towers, and is the center of Cormyr’’s military operations.

ELMONSTER’’S NOTES: The great towers of the High Horn were once essential, but are now no longer so heavily used. It is still the strongest defensive position in the realm of Cormyr. It guards the road to the West Marches, and a strategically important mountain pass, and was built to protect against the “Border Raiders and the lizard men of the marshes (although these latter have not proved troublesome since it was built). High Horn has a guest enclave, where travelers can stay, but is strictly a military community.

GAME INFORMATION: There is a standing garrison of 400 men at High Horn at any time; 100 archers and 300 men-at-arms, led by one 4th-level fighter for every 10 men, and under the overall control of the Lord Commander of High Horn.

The High Horn is also the wintering quarters of half the Cormyrian army, and has extensive facilities to host both man and beast through a season-long siege.

Finally, there is an outpost of the Cormyr War Wizards making its base at this keep. There will always be at least three magic-users of 6th level present at any one time, and a 50% chance of a spell-caster of levels 7-12 in residence at any time.

High Horn

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