Misha's Ferry


AT A GLANCE: Where the East Way crosses the Immerflow, there stand the ruins of a once-mighty bridge. Several attempts by various kings of Cormyr down through the ages have been made to rebuild the bridge, but scarcely a generation passes before the span falls to ruin again, either through the vagaries of weather, war, dragons, or (in one memorable case) a wizard’s duel.

Most of the time, then, the Immerflow is crossed by means of a ferry boat. For the last 15 years, that ferry has been operated by Misha, a hard-bitten ranger from the North, living out her twilight years (along with her grizzly bear companion) and making a tidy profit off the steady stream of travelers that frequent the Way.

In the waning days of the Year of the Prince, however, during the Goblin Raids that beset the Hullack Forest, Misha went missing, leaving her bear companion behind to pine for her return. With the coming of the spring, with the return of frequent road traffic, King Azoun is sure to appoint a new ferry master if Misha has not been located.

Misha's Ferry

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