The Stonelands


AT A GLANCE: A dark and wild country lying to the north of Cormyr, nestled between the Dalelands and the Great Desert, the Stonelands are infested with trolls, orcs, kobolds, bandits, and worse.

ELMONSTER’S NOTES: It is a land notable for its many crumbling monuments and tombs, the final heralds of a long-forgotten kingdom. The wild nature of the Stonelands, and the still-buried treasures to be found there, perennially draw dozens of adventurers and fortune-seekers, disgraced scions of nobility, and those with nothing left to lose. Having ventured in, few of these stalwarts ever return.

The greatest undiscovered treasure of the Stonelands is the Sleeping Sword, which is said to lie in wait for a time prophesied long ago by Alaundo the Seer, when Cormyr would be threatened with destruction at the hands of “armies of the dead, and legions of devils.”

The Stonelands

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