AT A GLANCE: Wheloon is a mid-sized town of some two hundred-plus major buildings, situated at the outflow of the Wyvernwater. Its buildings have roofs of vibrant green slate tiles.

ELMONSTER’’S NOTES: This river-town grew up around the ferry here that bears traffic on the Cormyr-Suzail road across the Wyvernflow. Its green-roofed houses are the result of use of a native slate for shingles, and have given rise to the phrase ““the jade towers of Wheloon.”” Many craftsmen work here; there are boatmakers, basketweavers, sailmakers, and clay-potters.

GAME INFORMATION: Wheloon is ruled in the name of Queen Tanalesta by Sarp Redbeard, the most headstrong and independent of the Local Lords. Sarp is known for disagreeing with court policy on a number of matters, and has earned few friends in court, but he is popular among the natives of Waymoot, who see Sarp as keeping the Purple Dragons of Cormyr out of their daily lives.


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