Naturom Demonto

Necronomicon ex Mortis


This unholy and disgusting work is of value only to clerics of evil alignment. Without protective magic, the book’s contents, vile as they are, have a corrupting or even physically harmful effect on all other readers.


The Naturom Demonto, also called Necronomicon ex Mortis, is said to have been written by the Dark Ones, bound in human flesh and inked in blood. The text contains prophecies, funerary incantations, and demon resurrection passages. It is held in a special collection in Candlekeep, where scholars can access its bloody pages only under careful supervision and with the use of magically-enchanted eye wear. Even a brief scan of its contents will leave the reader with no doubt of the true and pervasive presence of Evil in the world.

Naturom Demonto

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