AT A GLANCE: A tomb found beneath a black stone statue of an armored warrior, located in the Stonelands. The tomb served as the home of the wizard Iyarim, and the name is a corruption of Iyarim’s Guard.

ELMONSTER’S NOTES: Iyarim was a notably paranoid mage, and sought solitude in his future crypt long before he died in 1324 DR. By that point, only his three apprentices (Meerim, Unglath, and Ahrshar) spoke to him, and even then only rarely. Prior to his withdrawal from the wider world, however, Iyarim was well-known for his extensive travels through many planes of existence, where, as a result of his journeys, it is said he acquired and developed strange and rare spells.

The tomb itself is much older than its current occupant, perhaps even dating back as far as the Netherese Empire.


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